Art Collector

Recently recognised as one of the shining emerging artists of Taiwan from the 2014 Taipei Biennale at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, Kuo-Wei Lin presents his first solo exhibition at Michael Ku Gallery. This is the first installment of 4 solo shows at the gallery featuring young contemporary talent; including artists Kuo Yu Ping, Niu Chun Chiang, and Luo Jr Shin. The young gallery made its Art Basel Hong Kong debut this year with a strong presentation of Luo Jr Shin’s installations.

Being a young gallery itself, Michael Ku Gallery has become the synonym of youth and refined taste. With solid expositions of artists from Asia, the gallery is not bound by traditional market values and is one of the most interesting and experimental exhibition spaces in the city. The 33 year-old Taiwanese artist Kuo-Wei Lin works with a robust ideology of exploration of concepts. He has a fascination of French scientist and physicist Étienne-Jules Marey's 

Colorful tubes represent public trains in transportation from all over the world, mimicking the collective experience of commuters, the contrast of personal and collective experiences arouses issues of sociology, existence, and dislocation. The exhibition title Interstice means gap or interval, the idea of a gap in a system juxtaposes the relationship among humans and pointed out the discrepancies of society and civilization. Interstice is truly an exhibition that caters the visual aesthetics and the notion of imperfection. The presence of a gap calls for action; we can either build a bridge, or choose to ignore it. Lin’s minimal visual language is evidently loud.

Kuo-Wei Lin’s solo exhibition, Interstice, shows at Michael Ku Gallery in Taipei from 4 July to 16 August 2015.